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Writing to Inform Always, when writing, know your audience. Along with knowing your audience you should do your best to have an idea of their particular knowledge of the subject at hand. Based on this, you should attempt to bring something new to the table. This concept can be applied to your academic life and also to your professional career. All forms of informational writing stemming from an academic essay to a brochure has advantages and limitations. For an example, writing a letter to your college newspaper will reach your intended audience but you are only given a limited amount of space. It is completely up to you, to take advantage of the different genres of writing and get the most out of them. In every genre of writing you are required to know the audience in, know the purpose and use this to your knowledge. Based on what you know should gage your voice, tone, and point of view. You must always go beyond your previous knowledge of a topic, all while making sure the information is clear and accurate. When researching for your topic always be sure to ask yourself questions in relation to your audience and the point that you’re trying to convey. When beginning your rough draft be sure to do a lot of brainstorming. Another term for this is the use of “Invention Activities”. Ask questions like; what do I already know about this subject? What questions can I ask about the topic? What might my audience already know? And what visual aids could I maybe use to better get my point across? Gather as much information from research as possible and then begin to reflect on the research, connect your findings to one and another. Constructing your paper, you should hit three key portions, which are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction is where you should grab the readers interest by starting with information they might not know, have a

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