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Hints • Avoid repetition – use a range of structures and vocabulary • Focus on important trends if appropriate • Use connective words to make the writing cohesive Test Tips 1. Spend 20 minutes only 2. Write at least 150 words 3. Carefully read the instructions and highlight key words 4. Look at the graph, chart, figure, illustration etc and analyse it – look for trends 5. Brainstorm similar words from the question and the graph etc 6. Organise the information on paper ie summarise main ideas quickly 7. Now write following the structure of description writing 8. Check all the grammar: tense, agreement, articles, variety of vocabulary etc 9. Do not write a draft – you don’t have enough time The introduction Start by using one of the following structures: The table/chart shows (that) The diagram shows (that) The (type) graph shows (that) The figures/statistics how (that) The diagram shows/describes/illustrates how… As can be seen from the table/chart/diagram/graph/figures It can be seen from the table/chart/diagram/graph/figures According to the table/chart/diagram/graph/figures It is clear from the table/chart/diagram/graph/figures The conclusion Start by using one of the following structures: In conclusion, To conclude, In summary, To sum up, IELTS Description Assessment When this task is assessed the examiner must give a score between 1 (could not answer) and 9 (like a native speaker) The examiner gives a score for three categories: 1. Task Fulfillment (TF) – if you have answered what the question asked for ie you have reported on the key features of the information in the task 2. Coherence and Cohesion (CC) – if your essay is easily understood and is well organized and the information is linked 3. Vocabulary and Sentence Structure (VSS) – if your essay has appropriate vocabulary and if it is used accurately and

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