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Writing Techniques There it is: the blank piece of paper. Your mortal enemy if you are thinking of writing an essay. You can’t help but stare at it, hoping the words would just come flowing to you and be so enchanting that everyone will be talking about your essay the next day. Teachers will be discussing it in the hallways and even use it as an example in their next class. You open your eyes and realize the same piece of paper is staring back at you, with nothing but your name scribbled across the top. All you can think about is the dog barking next door, and the television on mute displaying flashing pictures of some new kitchen gadget. Writing isn’t easy, and it never comes out right the first time. To become a better writer, free writing, clustering, writing a “shitty” rough draft, getting rid of hear words, and knowing when to give yourself a break are some of the skills to help achieve this goal. Writing what comes to mind is called free writing. Free writing helps you get that first initial writer’s block removed. It keeps the juices flowing, so to speak. Getting an idea for a first draft can be just that easy. Just write whatever comes to mind about a topic (Maimon et al. 19). You don’t have to be stressed about punctuation or grammar, because again, it’s just a first draft. Eventually, you’ll come up with a good sentence or two in the jumbled up paragraph that you can use as supporting detail or even stem off of a sentence to make it as spectacular as you meant it to be. I used to keep a journal for my English class in high school. Our teacher told us it would be the one and only paper that we had to write in her class, and it was 90% of our grade. How can you pass up an easy class? The assignment was to write down your daily activities, and note in your journal how you were feeling during those moments of joy, or your moments of sadness. We had to use
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