Writing System Of Mesopotamia Cuneiform

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The beginning of civilization allows the history to be recorded and spread to people. As one writer has written, “history begins at Sumer,” from the evidence found that the first constructed written source is the Sumerian, as we called Cuneiform script. Cuneiform writing system was proximately originated around 2800 BC in Sumer. The system of written had been developed from pictogram to ideogram to hieroglyphs and to the one we use today, none of these wouldn’t happen without civilization. The first writing expression of human language are known as, the cuneiform script. It is created by the Sumerians of Mesopotamia civilization since 3000 BC. Mesopotamia lies in the valley between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. The beginning of civilization in this region was formed by its geography, environment, and culture during 4000’s BC. The Sumerians who were the first people who built the earliest civilization of Mesopotamia, the language was the first human tongue to have been expressed into writing. The Sumerian writing where created to record economic resources account of a temple as a temple scribe. The writing was holly and difficult, that only certain chosen people can learn cuneiform and help temple to record. Cuneiform came from the Latin word cuneus, wedge. During the Mesopotamia period, people learnt to record events and important message on solid objects such as walls, clay tablets, and etc. the tool that was used were made out of reed stylus which consisted of wedge-shaped marks. Cuneiform had first evaluated from pictographs- which is, pictures of the objects being described. Over time of changing and simplifying, the form of writing had become more abstract which evolved into ideograms. The scribe slowly increased its flexibility by having symbols that represents various sounds and verbs not just only nouns or objects. Since cuneiform is so useful, it

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