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A Diet Soda a Day Keeps the Kidney Stones Away? Citrus-based diet sodas may help in preventing kidney stones. Brands like Diet Sprite, Diet 7-Up, and Fresca contain a compound called citrate (in the form of potassium citrate). Citrate is a known reducer of kidney stones! Lemons especially are high in citrate and can reduce growth of kidney stones. Kidney stones are little crystals developed in the kidneys that travel through the urinary tract into the bladder causing extreme pain. Side effects of a kidney stone can include nausea, vomiting, and added kidney pressure depending on the size and length of time it stays within the body blocking the flow of urine. Kidney stones affect about 10 percent of the world and men are four times more at risk of developing them. You have a better chance of getting kidney stones during summer months when heat and humidity are at their highest. Because dehydration is common when it’s hot out, the kidneys don’t have enough fluids to cleanse out of the body and the kidneys start slowing down causing deficiencies and a buildup of chemicals within the kidneys due to dehydration. This can form painful stones. Water is the best way to stay hydrated, but there are other fluids that can rehydrate and work on preventing the kidney stones, namely citrus-based diet soft drinks (non-diet citrus-based sodas also work but are high in both sugar and calories) and fresh lemonade. Men need to limit ice tea consumption, as it can make them at higher risk for kidney stones. Ice tea has a high concentration of oxolates, a main component in a kidney stone. High protein foods like spinach and nuts also contribute to stone formation, as well as too much vitamin C.

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