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It was a dark and rainy morning and I just got my hair done. Unfortunately, I do not own an umbrella and my commute requires me to walk across campus. In my head I went over the possible solutions to my problem. Could a hoodie work? No, the only one I own is in the dirty laundry and has a gargantuan hole in the hood. Possibly a plastic bag tied over my head? That could work if I didn’t mind looking like and gaining the reputation of a hood rat. I started to become frustrated. My hair cost over $50 and I have to get it ruined for a crappy chemistry class? I then sprung an idea that would put my skills to work. Why was I at college anyways? I want to become an engineer. What do engineers do? They create solutions to problems. So I decided to do just that. I engineered a makeshift umbrella out of a trash bag, tape, and the branch I trip over excessively outside of my dorm. Not the most appealing contraption, but nonetheless effective. As I was about finished building my contraption I then reflected on what I said out loud earlier. “Why am I at college anyways”? I thought for a few minutes as I looked around at the damp ground. The sound of college kids made me look up and see how worried they were running to class. I felt tied down. I decided that this contraption was holding me down; I just spent ten minutes creating it when I could have already been ten minutes down the road discovering bigger and better things. I decided that college was not for me. I got a cab and told him to take me anywhere. Anywhere but NC State university. The small Indian man in the cab barely understood me but took off. He immediately got on to 440 west. We were going very slow and it had me worried because these cars were passing us going very fast and I though one might rear end us or something like that happen. A car did not rear end us, instead a small fighter jet crashed into the road

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