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MORE ABOUT INTRODUCTIONS Opening Statements i n i ntrod uctory pa ra gra phs ln this part you will learn more about how to begin your essay. ln standard academic essays, Introductory paragraphs usually consist of four or five sentences. The first sentence in the introductory paragraph is called the OPENING STATEMENT. lt is a very important sentence because, after the t¡tle, it is the first contact the reader has with the essay itself. This sentence is viewed as an invitation. You need to capture the readers'attent¡on and invite them to read the essay. Your opening statement usually determines if the reader is interested in reading the rest of the essay. ln this sentence you should use catchy words, humorous remarks, exclamations, irony, andlor savvy expressions to spark the reader's interest and curiosity into reading what you wrote. To help you understand better the principles of an opening statement, let's look at the following examples. Typically, there qre six (6) diflerent types of opening stqtements that you cdn use to your odvantoge. These are: General to specific Begin with a broad, general statement of your topic and narrow it down to your thesis statement. Broad generalstatements ease the reader into your thesis statement by providing a background for it. Look at the following example! The Best Puerto Rican Singers Puerto Rico has mony fomous singers. All of these singers hove succeeded in their respective musical genre such as: solso, ballads, pop-music, ond others through the yeors. Some of them are alreody famous ond accloimed internqtionolly. But when it comes down to select the top singers of the islond, there is no competition. The three best singers of Puerto Rico ore Ednito Nozorio, Chayanne, ond Gilbertito Sontorrosa. Quotations A quotation can grab your reader's attention. Quoting a respected person can

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