Writing Equations Essay

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SCH 3U Exam Review & Outline Name _______________ Unit 1 – Matter, Chem Trends, Bonding o Calculate relative/average atomic mass from % of isotopes (p.18 text) o Periodic Law & Categories of PT (p.223 & 25) o Trends of PT atomic radius, ionization E, electron affinity, atomic radius, electronegativity & how to calculate EN values using the Pauling scale (1.3 p.31..38 & p. 61) o Distinguish between covalent vs ionic compounds & Octet Rule & understand the difference between neutral atoms and ions (loss vs gain of electrons) (2.1 p.52..) o draw Lewis structures for a variety of covalent/ionic compounds ex. CO3, NH3, NH4Br, C2H2, etc. (p.56-59) o Counting bond vs lone pairs of electrons on elements (p.56-59) o All Nomenclature rules and memorize oxidation states (booklet in class, p.66…) o Intermolecular forces of attraction (dipole-dipole) (p.79) o From NOTES: Know how to read E-level diagrams for elements and fill them in (1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, etc.) & read ground state electron configurations for elements (metals, and nonmetals) ex. 1s22s22p4 etc. o Write electron configurations for metals & nonmetals Unit 2 – Chemical Reactions & Applications o Write & balance chemical equations with coefficients given words (3.1, p.112…) o Classify reactions as synthesis, decomp, combustion (comp. vs incomp),., etc. (3.2, 3.3 p.122…) o Classify reactions as single displacement (metal or halogen), double displacement ex. neutralization, precipitate formation, gas forming, etc. (4.1, 4.2 p.162…) *know how to read activity series for metals and solubility table for double displacement rxns Unit 3 – Quantities in Chem Reactions o Calculate # of particles (molecules, atoms, ions) given n (moles) & NA = 6.02 x 1023 particles/mol o Perform n = m/MM calculations for any variable (n, m or MM) & Mass & Mole
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