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Jordan Ducker Mrs. Poist English 111 February, 1, 2012 Writing Epiphanies When one enters into the world of writing, there are several major factors one must take into account; factors such as the topic, arguement, the vehicle, and of course how all that information will be put together. Personally I struggle with the ability to synthesize my thoughts into words, words that are aesthetically pleasing, that flow off the page and plant themselves into the mind of the reader. However when I utilize the three step method, described by Anne Lamott in her essay entitled “shitty First Drafts” I found that the writing process doesn’t have to be as scary as I had always imagined it to be Anne Lamott understands the issue of not being able to transform a thoughts or idea into a perfectly formed essay, but she believes there is a solution. Her essay, "Shitty First Drafts" offers comfort to the aspiring author when discussing the all too common issue of writing a shitty first draft. She says "all good writers write them. This is how they end up writing good second drafts and terrific third drafts”(Lamott, 44) in other words writing a shitty first draft is almost inevitable; even for the most experienced writers. She says the only good way to write a well formed essay is to accept writing a shitty first draft as an inevitability and use it to mold a truly great essay. When I read this for the first time it didn’t sit too well with me because I am the type of person who takes pride in doing things right the first time. So accepting the idea that I am almost always going to write a shitty first draft was a little difficult. But once I did I was able to see that the first draft is not meant to be perfect, that’s why we write drafts in the first place instead of just writing final papers every time. Lammot then goes on to describe how to write a shitty first draft. She

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