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Daniel Hayes Professor Bishop Writing Assignment 5 1-7 June 2014 Here We Aren’t So Quickly 1. To be honest I had trouble finding the thesis is the particular piece of writing. The whole back and fourth sentences gave me a head ache while I was reading, furthermore I was anxiously reading in hopes the end would come soon. I feel like the thesis should have been more predominate. 2. With that being said I feel like the opening paragraph should have been more of a writer to reader paragraph to give the reader a better idea of what we are to make with these sentences. The reason I feel like that is because this type of writing is rare to the common reader and the writer could have easily made a more noticeable thesis. But even so as you go on you start to pick up on what the piece is about and I believe it was about a man describing his marriage or significant other over the years. 3. I believe the writing audience is geared towards his wife and at sometimes even his father. Because throughout the piece he would use the words “I” “You” and “he”. The “I” pertaining to himself, “You” fixed on the wife and the “he” used to refer to his father. For example “I counted the seconds backwards until he fell asleep , and the seconds backwards until he woke up” I believe this is about his father and showing he was excited for him to get up so they could spend time together. Another example, “You look like yourself right now. I was slow to change.’’ Meaning in his eyes should could never changed because he loved her. 4. I believe that this writing is use to inform and to entertain. I believe it informs us through out the whole piece that even though two people have differences over the years and don’t agree on everything that in the end its all worth it. I also believe that it entertains us because everyone likes and good love story especially if its real.

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