Writing As A Process

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Writing as a Process Analysis Writing is a very unique process. Some people’s writing flourishes and really engages their readers, while many struggle through every writing assignment they encounter. There are various reasons that people give as to why many of today’s students have such a difficult time writing. Many even dread writing a paper in general. Barriss Mills, a chairman of the National Council of Teachers of English at Purdue University, writes an essay titled “Writing as Process” in which he gives various reasons as to why our students are such poor writers. He analyzes our teachers and the techniques they use to teach English as well as some possible solutions to creating better writers. Before the paper even begins, the writer already gains credibility to its’ readers because he leaves a footnote mentioning his standing at Purdue University. This shows the reader that he knows what he is talking about when it comes to writing. It also shows that he has experience in the field of teaching English. Mills begins with an introduction that states that students lack the ability to write well. He addresses the problem by listing the common complaints from not only teachers and employers, but also from students themselves. Mills notes the common reasons that are given for poor writing as well as the cause. He lets the readers know that students are well aware of the difficulties they face concerning writing and that much of the time they blame themselves. He then begins his argument by stating that he believes the problem is caused by ineffective teachers. Everything up to this point sends the paper in a good direction. The introduction does everything it is supposed to do including giving credibility to the writer, identifying the audience as future teachers, and gives a purpose for the essay. As the essay takes off, Mills begins to talk about the issues

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