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When writing an essay there are many things that the writer has to make sure are included in the paper to make it successful. One of the important parts is deciding which point of view the story will be the most successfully told in. Another very big part is a thesis statement; this is the most important part of writing a paper. Having an obvious thesis statement or an implied thesis is a decision people have to make. Most academic essays students write have an obvious thesis, and most stories or professional papers have an implied thesis. Also the structure of the story itself, deciding where in the story you want the climax is going to be, how you want to word everything, and how to sequence the events to make the paper most effective. These are what help you see the differences and similarities in both stories Let Steroids into the Hall of Fame and Who Killed Benny Paret. The story Let Steroids into the Hall of Fame is written in third person point of view which was a very effective approach to take on this story, simply because it continually gives examples from different time periods over history to show how wide spread the problem in the paper is. This piece is effective because it is full of statistics about the problem, and is stating the facts… not personal opinions so there is no way he is wrong. If he wrote it as a story in first person point of view like an experience he went through, people might not have sympathy for him, so it would not have been a good paper. Therefore putting this kind of story in third person point of view was good because he had somewhere to go with it and he could prove to people it was a real problem. The second story Who Killed Benny Paret is different from the first. It is written in a first person point of view. Writing with this approach was more effective in this story because it gave a more personal account in the

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