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When a film is released there are always differing opinions on how the film was made, if the content and quality are good and the overall entertainment value of the film. Expert and novice writers alike look for the opportunity to provide their thoughts regarding the movie at hand. Though each writer’s style is different, there are general guidelines that should be followed when writing about the arts as reflected in the books “Elements of Style” and “On Writing Well”. In order to further demonstrate the various writing styles that can be used when critiquing a film, three articles of similar topic are shown, with varying outcomes. While these articles all originate from different sources and opinions, they are all focused on one topic, the movie Despicable Me. The three articles all follow and break the guidelines provided by the two books and each provides the reader with a unique voice and style of writing within the critique. The first article written by A. O. Scott is one that automatically leaves the reader with the impression that the film is not one worth seeing. He immediately sets a negative tone towards the movie within his first introductory sentences, by using harsh words such as “mediocrity” and “junk” when comparing it to similar style movies. Scott develops his target adult audience by using a wide range of vocabulary, which may be unfamiliar to younger individuals. As noted in the book “On Writing Well” Scott follows the rule of using specific detail. He goes into in depth descriptions of the movie such as character descriptions and leaves nothing to the imagination. Unfortunately by doing this, Scott also borderlines on breaking the rule: don’t give away too much of the plot. Instead of critiquing certain areas, he tends to describe the scenes as a whole. As undesirable as his overall review might have been, he explains his point of

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