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[pic] Sites for Sculpture Short Writing Assignment Victoria Brady World Art 1 • Prof. Weir • October 4, 2011 [pic] The exhibit “Sites for Sculpture” is located within the beautiful grounds of the Rudolph-Oakdale Campus of Dowling College. While walking throughout the campus this wonderful sculpture park can be discovered in between Fortunoff Hall and the Racanelli Center. The exhibit is rather small in its entirety when counting pieces within the park, however, the exhibit is spread about on the grounds just enough were the composition is far from cluttered. The spatial grounds for the sculpture park is moderate and just large enough to attract the eye of engaged Dowling alumni. Each sculpture seen within the site is a free standing sculpture and are formed from carving, armature, or welding. The pieces are not colorful and are set at a muted color palette such as grays and bronze. Each work shows the artist own personal style and does not seem based upon a certain time period/culture’s ways. Each sculpture is carefully placed to give the viewer a certain reaction to the work of art. While wandering throughout the “Sites for Sculpture” (if coming from the direction of the Dowling College Student Parking Lot), you will first run across the graceful sculpture of Elk, who seem to be roaming throughout the College’s kelly green grounds in between the timber wood. Continuing on the path you will then from the corner of your right eye spot three quirky little sculptures, incredibly difficult to describe. Unfortunately, if one is not paying attention to their surroundings these nonsensical sculptures may be overlooked. Far right there are these two immense golf club bags with flowers flaring out the mouth of the bag. This sculpture is set in front of the left side of the Racanelli Center, providing a black backdrop upon the tremendous silver bags.

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