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Lifestyle, sexual identity, image and branding cannot be separated from popular music today. Discuss this statement, while examining to what extent you feel this to be true of the popular music of the last fifty years. It is evident that music is a large part of society and therefore has an impact on society in many different ways. It can alter the way in which people perceive political actions and global events. Theorists believe the public are manipulated by artists and record labels by the style and presence of the performers. Performers influence their fans through the lyrical content of their songs, the actions they perform on stage, the clothes they wear and the way they express themselves through their music. Lifestyle, sexual identity, image and branding all have an influence on today’s music, but have these factors become more important than the music its self? Rock and Punk music have always been part of a major controversy in the way that the lyrics frequently comment on social and political issues. Songs such as The Clash's "Career Opportunities" portrayed the unemployment issues and the realities of city living. In the early Brit-punk movement the idea was too outrage and shock the mainstream. British governments have never shown much interest in pop music ‘At least since the Beatles, the British music business has been successful enough not to need industrial support,’ this shows that even with a respected band such as the Beatles the British government never really showed an interest in supporting the industry; however the industry was so successful they were able to start the whole thing themselves without the need of ‘cultural subsidy.’ Many of the general public thought that Punk and Rock was encouraging drug usage to its listeners and making younger people believe that it was the ‘right’ thing to be doing. Many of the more popular bands such

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