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ENG 211 DE Writing a Persuasive Memo Scenario You supervise and manage 15 employees at Medequip, Inc. who assemble Haemonetics Cell-Saver machines for use during blood transfusions. Medequip, Inc. is an international company that manufactures various medical equipment, and your factory specializes in the production of various hematological machinery. The Factory Manager, Ms. Anita Prufrock, is known for hosting yearly picnics, family outings, raffles and other fun activities that build a sense of community at Medequip, Inc. She has developed a favorable reputation at the factory in the 5 years that she’s been the factory’s manager. Recently, she began considering implementing a random drug testing program. She has asked what she considers to be her best line supervisors and the shift managers to consider implementing a urinalysis testing program at Medequip and to provide her with feedback. As far as your shift manager knows, there have been no problems at the factory concerning failed equipment or accidents that would suggest there is a drug abuse problem. Your shift manager has informed you that Ms. Prufrock would like you to make a recommendation regarding the proposed policy. Assignment Write a formal business memo to Ms. Prufrock explaining your position on the proposed policy and include a recommendation. You should research the topic of proposed random urinalysis tests and provide evidence and reasons to support your final recommendation to Ms. Prufrock. Do not rely on a single research source on which to base your recommendations. Use APA Style for citing your sources (see pages 640 – 657 of the text and the APA materials in the Resources tab for assistance). Procedure 1. Read through the assignment completely and carefully. 2. Complete the Audience Profile Sheet that follows. Respond to as many of the fields as you think are

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