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Writing a Good Answer Essay

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  • on May 28, 2011
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Task: Describe an important idea in a text and why it is important in it.

An important idea in “In The Rubbish Tin” by Apirana Taylor is the effects of abuse on the victims particularly children. The whole story is built on this idea.
While Phillipa’s dad is away from the family it gives both Phillipa and her mother some freedom. Phillipa is free and out of the rubbish tin, not even locked up in the house. But she knows what her dad does to her from what she says … “She leaned over and punched Chubby in the eye … Just like what Dad does.”   Her mother takes a bus to the city and the pub, drinking and taking drugs, but “Mum did not always feed Phillipa every day…” Phillipa’s dad’s violence extends to his wife Ruth too. Rolf “grabbed the hair at the back of Ruth’s neck. He wrenched it and held it in a vice-like grip…” shows the inhumane treatment to a woman. He beats Mac senseless.
The idea that some sections of our community live such lives is of great concern. People need to feel safe, loved, cared and protected. Both Mac and Ruth as adults suffer at Phillipa’s dad’s viciousness. Children like Phillipa are not looked after. It is the law of the land that parents provide for their children. In the event that they cannot, social agents can help.
People who know about the abuse do not do much about it. Surely Ruth’s friends Shona and Cheryl could have helped. Ruth would get killed if they interfered in the violence at the pub.
The writer suggests that the society is not taking care of problems with the clever line about Phillipa “But no one could hear her. Because of the rain.” It makes us think about how wrong it is to abuse people in any form.

Describe an important character in the text and explain why he or she is important in it.
[You may use the following to help you brainstorm and plan your answer:
                    Description: by the writer and characters, age, thoughts, speech, action of the character and others. Importance: story is based on...

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