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9/1/2014 Topic: Writing a Complete Essay II  Writing a Complete Essay II Aug 17, 2013 at 3:49pm Finding something insightful to say about these document beyond just summarizing their contents will be a challenge that some of you will have to work on for future assignments. An essay must have a point. Essays are written to make points not just go over details for no reason. You have to use your historical knowledge and your basic logical and analytical abilities to find something to say. Start by looking at incongruities and inconsistencies. When someone is lying or misrepresenting the truth that is potentially significant. For instance, the textbook explains that Columbus found no gold on his voyages. Why all this talk of gold then? Look for historical details which might shed new light on the document's meaning. Does the fact that Columbus' mission is a failure when writing this letter potentially give it a new or different meaning? Sometimes the analysis is not related to what the document is about but how it says it. Does the fact that the letter is both business­like as well as extremely courteous reflect any of the cultural changes going on in Europe as it emerges from feudalism? Is this letter more business­like or feudalistic? What might that tell us about Spanish culture at this time? Asking the right question is where analysis begins and it flows naturally from there toward some kind of main point if you can think about the logical implications stemming from the answer to your first question. For instance, if the Spanish empire in the New World is based more on a feudalistic impulse rather than a business one then what might that say about the development and future history of New Spain in the Americas after Columbus? How might that be different from the origins of British North America? Do your best with the Franklin

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