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Writing Study Notes Characteristics, forms and purpose: • Persuasive writing: It aims to influence the attitudes or actions of a specific audience on specific issues. A strong persuasive text is logically organized and clearly describes the issue. It also provides precise and relevant evidence that supports a clear thesis statement. Persuasive writing may contain diagrams, graphs, or charts. These visuals can help to convince the reader. • Expository writing: A writing that seeks to communicate ideas and information to specific audiences and for specific purposes. It relies on facts to inform or explain. • Research writing: It is based on factual information from outside sources, Research reports organize and present ideas and information to achieve a particular purpose and reach a specific audience. They present evidence in support of a clear thesis statement. • Poetry and description: Poetry and other kinds or descriptive literature expresses ideas and feelings about real or imagined people, events, and ideas. They use rhythm, rhyme, precise language, and sensory details—word that appeal to the senses—to create vivid images. In addition, they use figurative language—writing that means something beyond what the words actually say—to express ideas in new, fresh, and interesting ways. • Structural elements, such as line lengths and stanzas, also help the poet express ideas and set a mood. Poetry and Description: • Haiku: A three-line poem that originated in Japan. In a haiku, the first and last lines consist of five syllables, and the middle line consists of seven syllables. Classic haiku are usually about nature. • Ballads: Poems that tell a story and are usually meant to be sung. Ballads often contain repetition and have a simple, regular rhyme pattern and meter, or “beat.” • Descriptive essay: Use imagery and vivid details to help

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