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Jessica Goodwin Prof. Magnan 21 March 2015 Chapter Reviews 12-16 Chapter 12 1. Classification is writing that organizes, or sorts, people or items into categories. 2. Organizing principle is how the people or items are sorted. 3. It makes sense of a group of people or items by organizing them into categories. It has a purpose for sorting the people or items. It categorizes using a single organizing principle. It gives detailed explanations or examples of what fits into each category. 4. Although my dog runs away sometimes, he inevitably returns home after a few hours. Scholars have long noted the disproportionate number of minority students in special education. Prone to the same diseases as fruiting apples, so shop for disease-resistant varieties. The songs here are supposed to be whimsical, but they are rather labored. And it happens to continue to help undermine the feudal underpinning in a really positive way. Chapter 13 1. Definition is writing that explains what a term or concept means. 2. It tells readers what is being defined. It presents a clear definition. It uses examples to show what the writer means. It gives details to support the examples. 3. In her casual pantsuit, she could easily be mistaken for a bemused tourist. He was also aware that his contemporaries would tolerate only so much heaving. Two political phenomena are shaping this election. Why are hybrid cars running out of juice so quickly? Overconfidence causes blindness, and blindness in turn causes blunders. Chapter 14 1. It uses subjects that have enough in common to be compared / contrasted in a useful way. It serves a purpose- to help readers make a decision, to help them understand the subjects, or to show your understanding of the subjects. It presents several important, parallel points of comparison / contrast. It arranges points in a logical order.

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