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HELLHOLE Journalist and author Atul Gawande in his article “Hellhole.” He wrote the United States is holding thousands of inmates in long term solitary confinement, which he states is “torture.” Because of their environment, and the length of time being in isolation, some of which became mentally ill. In fact he states, “We are social in a more elemental way: simply to exist as a normal human being requires interaction with other people.” Gawande also states, “The main argument for using long-term isolation in prisons is to provide discipline and prevent violence,” but study done in 2003 by analysis examing have shown that the violence was unchanged. Gawande including a number of studies to support his arguement including: Professor Harry Harlow from the University of Wisconsin did an early study involving baby rhesus monkeys, he concluded that, “though they were nurtured, the monkeys were disturbed, staring blankly, rocking in place for long periods and hurting themselves.” He gave them two artificial mothers, one doll was made of terry cloth, the other made of wire, Harlow discovered, the babies ignored the wire mother, but clanged to the cloth mother. “They caressed it, even when being scared they ran to it, after having the surrogate mother they were still cognitively imbalanced. Due to the effect of the isolation from birth, when being let out with other monkeys in the wild, they displayed autistic behaviors.” Those that were isolated for longer periods, Harlow stated “became permanently withdrawn, and they lived as outcasts, regularly set upon, as if inviting abuse.” To further support his studies, he also interviewed Keron Fletcher, a former military psychiatrist, who was on the receiving team for many hostages

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