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How to say nothing in 500 words 1. Roberts focuses on written communication and the challenges that students who are not use to communicating in written form face when entering Freshman Composition courses. How does the rhetorical situation, the relationship between writer, audience, and message change when communication shifts from verbal to written? I think a really good example of this would be to relate it to a Fire report. When I am riding at the fire station we have to write “reports” after calls. Well, my reports are usually something like “E12, R12, BT 1 responded to structure fire 2160 Rose Ct, Kissimmee, Station 13’s first due. The fire started on side C of the building, traveled through side D. Severe damage. Crew forced entry. Vented from roof. Gained original access through front door, used Fireman’s axe, didn’t check door handle before using axe.” Although when I am telling my friends about the big fire that I got to go to it is more like, “Dude, there was a huge fire in Kissimmee that started on the side of the building. We broke down the door with our huge Fireman’s axes. It was amazing there were orange flames 100 feet in the sky!” The first example was formal, to the point. It is how I would turn in into my boss, the Fire Chief. The second example was casual; it is how I would face to face tell a story to my friends. When we speak face to face we tend to be much more casual, we don’t always realize what we are saying. When we write though, we have it written on paper and we can proofread. 2. What two pieces of advice from the essay will you work to apply to your own writing? Remember, your goal is to say something! I think good advice was using colorful words when you are writing. I usually have trouble with this because I like to be strait forward and to the point. Sometimes I try to use big words, like words that I don’t even know the

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