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Write for Your Audience Choose one of the following subjects, and, for each audience specified, ask the questions on page 13 in The Little, Brown Handbook. Decide on four points you would make, the role you would assume, and the tone you would adopt for each audience. Then write a paragraph for each based on your decisions. 1. The effects of smoking: for elementary school students and for adult smokers 2. Your opposition to a proposed law requiring adult bicyclists to wear helmets: for cyclists who oppose the law and for people who favor it 3. Why your neighbors should remove the wrecked truck from their front yard: for your neighbors and for your town zoning board -------------- Smoking is harmful at any age, however, elementary school students are especially susceptible to its hazards. Their bodies are still developing and smoking can damage that progress by limiting oxygen to the lungs and straining their heart. Smoking also affects the immune system causing the children to be much more vulnerable to colds and coughs. Activities and sports play a huge role in an elementary school students life and if a child smokes it will be much harder to keep up with their friends in sports. But one of the most important things to remember is that smoking is illegal for anyone under the age of 18. An elementary school kid is much too young to be smoking and would be putting themselves in a position to be punished by law enforcement. There are many effects of smoking for adults as well. Smoking can lead to major lung failure which can ultimately lead to lung cancer and death. The adverse effects of cigarette smoking accounts for nearly one of every five deaths in this country. Smoking cigarettes is not only harmful to the smoker but to their loved ones and any others that inhale the second hand smoke caused by the cigarettes. Smoking is also very damaging to a

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