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How to Write an Essay If you ask somebody how many types of essay are existing they say “I don’t know.” It proves that nowadays in most schools students are not taught much about essays. They even don’t know the obvious structure of essay. If you going to write an essay you should know seven simple frameworks. They are: what kind of essay is, title, brainstorming, outline, first draft, second draft, final draft. Of course, there are other main structures in drafts. The first step to write an essay is to choose the kind of essay. There are a lot of kinds of essay but we usually use narrative, which is written like a story or sequence events, comparison, in which is compared several subjects, also you mark out differences or similarities, advantages or disadvantages, cause-effect, which has two directs: focuses on causes and focuses on effects, and the last especial kind of essay is argumentative. It is based on argue. You argue for or against something or somebody. Before writing an essay you should choose a title. The second step is title or choosing the subject. In title is written what you are going to talk about. Also the role of title is to define the main idea of an essay. You should stay focused on your title, otherwise the reader will not understand your essay. Another main thing is brainstorming. The third part of writing an essay is brainstorming. In this part you should develop your thinking. The words which come to your mind and associated with that theme you should write them down. It is very helpful thing to have different variation of words. There are several ways to write a brainstorm. The first one is to think which word relates to another and draw special diagram. The next way is to find out similarities and differences and also draw scheme. And the last thing of preparing an essay is outline. The forth step is to make an

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