Write About the Ways That the Writer Tells the Story in Part 2 of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge uses narrative perspectives to tell the story in The Rime of The Ancient Mariner particularly the Mariner and his shipmates. In the beginning of Part II the shipmates scold the Mariner for killing the albatross “ah wretch! Said they, such birds to slay that bring the fog and mist.” At this point the shipmates view the albatross as a good luck omen believing that the Mariners actions have caused the mist and so curse him. However the perspectives of the shipmates shift instantly upon the change in the weather. As the mist clears, the shipmates praise the Mariner “Twas right they say, such birds to say, that bring the fog and mist” and decide that the albatross is in fact a bad luck omen. This use of narrative perspectives is key to the story as it illustrates the idea of responsibility in the novel whereby the shipmates must hold someone responsible for their turmoil or good luck whatever happens; using the symbol of weather which depicts change in the poem as their incentive for this. This highlights aspects of the poem as a Christian allegory through the characterisation of the shipmates whereby Coleridge is mocking religion and those quick to judge others by having the shipmates switch from blame to praise and blame again. Similarly Coleridge uses setting and symbolism to tell the story by use of day and the sun. The significance of the sun is extremely prominent throughout Part II and the rest of the poem; symbolising God and his wrath depicted by capitalising the word as “Sun” rather than “sun” much like “God” which implicates that the sun is used as a metaphor for God throughout the poem. The sun is used also as a symbol of bad tidings, bringing forth suffering and ultimate death for the Mariner and his shipmates. “All in a hot and copper sky. The bloody Sun, at noon...” this conveys the sheer heat of the Sun and suffering of the

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