Write About the Ways Rossetti Tells the Story in Maude Clare?

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Write about the ways Rossetti tells the story in ‘Maude Clare’? The poem ‘Maude Clare’ uses an eponymous character, it is obvious to the reader that Maude Clare has importance within the poem and therefore from the title, it manipulates the readers to value her and have sympathy for her. This is revealed by the frequent appearances of her name in the poem. Christina Rossetti uses the theme of fallen women, as well as empowered women to base her poem around. It is unusual for fallen women to have power because in Victorian times, a women who lost her innocence lost her power and as well as her place in society. The poem is in the form of a ballad which is common of poems in Victorian poetry, as it is easier to remember, this was because many people could not read or write, which meant the poem would be verbally transmitted. The poem follows the typical ballad structure, as it tells a story and is focused on one dramatic evernt. The poem follows the rhyming scheme of ‘abcb’ which allows the poem to flow and be remembered by readers. The poem structure is largely chronological however there is an insertion of a flashback which provides with background information. Christina Rossetti starts off by using a third person narrator to tell the story in the poem ‘Maude Clare’ however in turn, the language fluctuates between perspective and omniscient narrator to dialogue of characters in the poem to convey the events. This allows the reader to be a spectator to what is happening in the poem. This important as it allows the reader to have an overview on events. The reader being a spectator can also suggest that events like these were a public scandals and every present in society. Even though the narrator speaks in third person, it does communicate a sense of bias as it describes ‘Maude Clare’ using a simile “like a queen” which paints Maude Clare above Nell, “a

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