Write a Story About "Disaster in Pe Class"

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Disaster in PE Class Some people are good at English. Some people are good at Maths. Some people are good at neither, and excel in creative subjects, such as Art and Drama. I’m the one that’s good at the creative subject, and I’ve never really been envious on anyone that’s intellectual, because I know that that’s just how their brain works. The only group of people that I am jealous of are the one that’s good at sports. I can manage in English and Maths. I can scrape C’s and occasionally even C’s, so I’ve never been made fun of. However, it is a simple fact that I am just not good at sports. If I try to kick a ball, it veers off in the completely wrong direction, and volleyballs are always drawn to my head. Dodgeball is exceedingly painful, and I always end up bruised from head to toe where so many balls are thrown at me at the start of the game, because it’s common knowledge that I’m an easy target. Although I wish that I was at least average at sports, I could take comfort in the fact that I don’t enjoy them, and I can manage to convince myself that maybe if I genuinely enjoyed sports I would be much better in P.E class. In fact, there is only one sport that I enjoy – Basketball. I don’t know why I enjoy basketball – it’s difficult, sweaty and requires good aim, so in theory it should be my sport from hell, but I always have loved basketball games. When I was little, I would always play ‘HORSE’ with my older brother (although I was so bad that I would have to place ‘HHOOORRSSE?!’ in order to pass enough time) and I loved it, and I guess those fond childhood memories carried on into the present time. It’s actually an incredible thing that I still, to this day, enjoy basketball, considering what happened to me February last year. So, we were playing basketball in PE, so I was, of course, excited. The one sport that I enjoyed was the one we were doing in PE! I

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