Wright Brothers Essay

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Wilbur Wright First pilot Wilbur Wright and his brother built the first plane that could carry a passenger. They changed the world forever. Wilbur and his brother changed how the world travels, fights and even delivers. There are about three million planes in the world today. The largest airplane in the world weighs one million three hundred thousand pounds, and has six jet engines compared to the Wright brothers single engine prop plane the weighed seven hundred pounds, and could carry one person. The Wright brothers kicked of the start off plane engineering by designing, testing and selling the first airplane. Wilbur’s fascination of flying started when he was young, and by 1890 he had read every book about flying. Wilbur and his brother prefer the gliding idea. One day Wilbur was observing birds and noticed they would tilt where wing depending on what direction they were going. Wilbur and his brother were puzzled how to warp the wings. Eventually using cardboard and their wind tunnel they got the perfect warp. In 1892 the brothers opened a bicycle shop to fund the needs of building and testing their flying machines. Wilbur spent some of there funds from the bike shop to build a wind tunnel. This helped them decide that the long narrow wing shape would carry their plane into the sky. Wilbur was the first person use a wind tunnel to test wing designs. In 1899 Wilbur built his first prototype the kite. The kite was a pilot less plane made out of wood, wire and cloth with a 5 ft wing span. After the kite test was a success Wilbur said “I am now convinced that a piloted flight it possible”. In 1900 Wilbur traveled to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to test their new glider. He chose the spot because of windy conditions, soft sand landings and privacy. Their new plane the 1900 glider was mostly used as a kite. With a wingspan at 17 feet it produced less left than

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