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It was late October of 2007. I was running through my neighborhood, witnessing the autumn sky and coloring leaves around me. The cold air rush against my blushed cheeks, I take a breathe, and continue, placing one foot in front of another. This is the first fall run out of many more to come in preparation for wrestling season. I have never wrestled before, never. When Michael and Thomas would come over to my mom’s house, we would wrestle and fight UFC (ultimate fighting championship) style. They believed that I would be a good wrestler and told me to consider trying out. So I made that decision. Each week, I would go out running everyday and three times a week go to Matt Club (practices that teach and instruct wrestling) with a few of my friends in Annapolis, at the Naval Academy. Once there, I knew that I was definitely not in shape, as just drilling and doing free-style wrestling exhausted me. I would drop sweat all over the mat, and become drowsy and tired at the end of the night. Soreness would consume my mind the next morning followed by the excitement of learning new techniques. Each run I went for was longer than the last. Started with one mile at a time, then it went to two, and eventually I took on a run with Michael and Thomas from our homes in Crownsville, to the school’s Mat Club at Old Mill. That run was the longest run I have ever completed. It was that night that I met the head wrestling coach, Coach Dan Youngblood. Throughout the following weeks, I continued to attend the Mat Clubs and run everyday as well as lift weights and diet. The dieting was a bit difficult at first. I had played football for many years (nine) and am well used to having to lose weight and occasionally watch what I eat. But to wrestle, you must maintain your weight during the entire season. Over the few months or preparation I had lost about ten pounds. I

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