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Outline Thesis: Unless the risks of cell phones are shown to outweigh the benefits, we should not restrict their use in moving vehicles; instead, we should educate the public about the danger of driving while phoning and bring to court irresponsible phone users under laws on negligent and reckless driving. I.Scientific studies haven’t proved a link between use of cell phones and traffic accident. A.A study by Redelimeir and Tibshirani was not conclusive, as the searchers themselves have admitted. B.Most states do not keep record on accidents caused by the driver distraction C.In a survey of research on cell phones and driving Cain and Burris report that result so far have been inconclusive. II.The risk of using cell phones while driving should be weighed against the benefits. A.At the Harvard center for Risk Analysis, researchers found that the risk of driving while phoning were small compared with other driving ricks. B.There are safety, business, and personal benefits to using cell phones on the road. III.We need to educated drivers on using cell phones responsibly and enforce laws on negligent and reckless driving. A.Educating drivers can work. B.It is possible to enforce laws against negligent and reckless driving: in state that do not an adequate job of enforcement, the public can lobby for improvement. Conclusion: The use of cell phones while driving is most likely here to stay-although the risks--unless future studies prove that the risks clearly outweigh the

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