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Carson Wack English Period 5 History Period 3 S.E.D. Topic: I will argue that John F. Kennedy could have been killed in many different ways, yet the most obvious way, a shot from a hotel window, was unlikely but is widely accepted. Source 1: “The Kennedy Assassination” Credibility of Source/Background: It is an article written online by an unknown source, which leaves its credibility in question. Biased toward the side of widespread social intrigue, the author leans toward evidence of a conspiracy. However, even while he leans toward the eccentric side of the issue, the author includes facts that aspire to reveal certain truths pertaining to both theories. Assumed Audience: Online readers who are looking to research an important and relevant portion of twentieth century American History. Main Idea: The author places a firm emphasis on debunking unverified facts that accompany most conspiracy theories in order to illuminate a more credible picture of what happened the day President Kennedy was killed. Validity of Claims: The author discredits more theories than he proposes, making the article both valid and relevant. Strengths and Weaknesses: The strengths of the article include a comprehensive narrowing of plausible conspiracy theories as well as detailed statistics that may help me hone in on new possible methods of assassination. The main weakness of the article is that it attempts to debunk many facts that I could have used to strengthen the depth and variety of theories in my essay. Potential Usefulness: It will provide clear and coherent support for my conspiracy theories. Timeliness and Date: Being written in 2011, it is up-to-date with current facts and technologies that could lend a helping hand in exposing what happened that faithful day in Texas. Source 2: “Conspiracy Theories” Time Magazine

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