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Wound Assesment Essay

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  • on March 10, 2013
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HLTEN506A: apply principals of wound management in the clinical environment.

Q1. Using the wound assessment chart following, complete an assessment of Sarah’s wound:

    • Wound dehiscence- post op hysterectomy.
    • Regeneration stage.
    • Red wound.
    • Moderate exudate/ Serosanguineous.
    • No sign of systemic infection.
    • Surrounding skin is dry.
    • Moderate pain
    • Mild odour.
    • Factors contributing to wound healing: smoking. (Tafe,2009) (M, 2012)

Q2. Write a description of Sarah’s wound using correct wound management terminology.

Patient, Sarah Victor was re-admitted 12 days post operative with a wound dehiscence. The wound is in the regeneration stage of healing and is pink/red in colour. The wound is producing a moderate amount of exudate but there is no sign of systemic infection. The wound is producing a moderate odour and the patient is experiencing moderate pain. (Tafe,2009) (M,2012)

Q3. Describe the strategies that could be used to minimise cross infection, prevent the spread of disease and reduce further complications.

Medical staff could use an aseptic technique when changing wound dressings to minimise the risk of introducing an infection. This is achieved by using sterile equipment with a non touch technique.
By maintaining a sterile environment the risk for cross spread of diseases is limited.
Hand hygiene should be maintained by staff to minimise micro-organisms infecting the wound. The patient should also maintain their hand hygiene to reduce the spread of micro-organism from the gastrointestinal track.
Client education can reduce further complications by awareness into healing impairments such as smoking and poor diet choices. Certain nutrients are needed in the healing process such as vitamin c, zinc and protein. (better health chanel,2012) (tafe,2009) (Bailliere Tindall,2008)

Q4. Using a holistic approach, discuss the impact the wound may have on Sarah’s...

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