Would You Argue That Japan'S Democracy Was Imposed And Not Indigenously Developed?

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Would you argue that Japan's democracy was imposed and not indigenously developed? Explain. Even though the Japanese political system by the end of World War 2 had become an authoritarian militaristic state it did still have its own democratic roots. Before World War 2 many democratic gains were being made during the period of “Taisho Democracy” in the 1910’s to early 1930’s, During this time a two party political system began to develop and if international and internal factors had been different it could be argued that the system by itself would have evolved into a fully fledged democracy. Instead the system slipped further into the traps inherent within it which led it to becoming an authoritarian regime. After the surrender, Japan’s modern democratic system was coerced onto it by the American occupation post-World War 2, who from the beginning of the occupation prioritized the demilitarisation and democratization of Japan. The Allies felt Japan needed to be pacified and empowered the Occupation’s Regime to do it, this as a result forever left the Japanese political system with the mark of a foreign hand making it impossible to argue that Japan's democracy came about completely indigenously. The United States which ran the regime had a clear objective to democratize Japan and did so using all means available to it, until the “reverse course” of the occupation when SCAP(supreme commander for the allied powers) focused all its attention towards economic recovery and away from democratization. US policies in Japan after the war deeply influenced Japan's democracy and repercussions of changing US policies has left inadvertent and unplanned effects on the Japanese political-economic system. Whilst the United States is a big factor to consider when talking about Japanese democracy, the reforms put onto the Japanese people have to be adapted and used by the Japanese

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