Would hamlet be a good king?

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Would hamlet be a good king? But would hamlet made a good king it’s kind of 50/50 well that’s what I think. The reasons why is he is exceptionally intelligent, trustworthy, honest, hard working, and fair. That’s what I think cause most people would want him as a king then. There is a down fall though. He flips out and goes crazy and thinks every one is out to get him. There can not be a strong country with out a strong leader. So that’s why people really need a king. Claudius I don’t think was a good king he was to greedy and he was obsest with power. He was also a murderer and a liar. That’s just not what a king is about. And he also married his sister in law that’s just freaking gross. A good king and it's a simple question to answer. At times of trouble a king must be a little barbaric to protect his people and land such as war. Nobody would want a king running the country that couldn't hold his ground and fight back. Another reason why Hamlet would have made a good king is because he was brought up in and around royalty. His father was king and he was brought up as the future king obtaining some knowledge throughout his childhood. He knew what his father needed to do as king therefore he knew what he had to do as king once he had the throne. Well do I still think he should be KING thaw not know. I would say yes but I really don’t know because he could just flip out and kill his own people. Just cause he thinks there out to get him. Yet he could be a good king and when ever he is in a mighty war I don’t thing he is going to run. I’m think he would drive his men to victory no matter what it takes. Charles A. Baker A.K.A

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