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Davon James Mr. Howard English Comp 1 1 April 2015 Worst teacher ever Mr. Warner, my fifth grade teacher, was my least favorite teacher, but a very powerful influence that changed my whole life. Mr. Warner introduce me to hard work, challenge and respect for myself and others. On the other hand, his personality made me his worst enemy. First of all, it’s the first day of class in the year of fall 2005. I was only ten years old and just had got promoted to the fifth grade. When I enter the class I basically knew everybody because of the simple fact that every student passed the fourth grade with an ease. All of the students loved the way I make fun of the teachers. I guess they thought it was a cool thing to do. I always wondered was they laughing with me or at me. I might have been a class clown but I always completed all my assignments before I bother a student or tell the teacher about himself. Mr. Warner walks into the room with a mad expression on his face with a green suit on looking like a non-wrapped Christmas tree. “My name is Mr. Warner and I will be your fifth grade teacher this year.” Said Mr. Warner. “Read and answer questions five, six and seven in your workbook just to get started on your lesson.” When I heard him order the students including myself to attempt to do work on the first day I begin to get furious with his attitude. “So you think you can march in this class and give us work on the first day!” I shouted. “What’s your name little boy?” Mr. Warner asked. “Mr. James to you sir.” I replied. Something in my gut told me shut up but I went against it. “Ok, Mr. James I want you to complete questions two through twenty in your work book, and if you don’t do your assignment you will get a zero for today and a trip to the principal’s office!” Mr. Warner shouted. The whole class made a

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