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The worst possible job anyone normal human being can have, I had it. My friends and I were job hunting one day and we saw a hiring sign at Bistro B. I never had a job before and I always wanted to be a waitress. Hey, anyplace where there’s food, I’m there! I knew it was a Vietnamese dining, but since their name was creative maybe its not one of those traditional Vietnamese restaurant, where only Vietnamese people go. I thought wrong. I was ecstatic when the manager called me and told me I got the job. You would too, if you’re the only one out of all your friends that apply and got hired. So they told me to come on the grand opening day to help out at seven in the morning. That night I couldn’t sleep, all I thought about was my cool new job, o yea, did I forget to mention they have the cutest uniform with the hat and everything! Ok, back to the topic, so yea, they told me to come at seven, I show up at six forty, thinking I want to make a good impression on my first day. No one was there! I waited and waited, I thought they might just be late, so I waited. People start coming in around nine thirty, nine thirty!!! Talk about punctual. Either I heard wrong or the manager had some serious sense of humor. That wasn’t even close to the worst part. The worst thing that can ever happen to a person on the job was not knowing what the heck she was doing and no one was willing to aid her. Apparently they forgot they haven’t trained me and since it’s the grand opening things were pretty busy. I got through the day with common sense, I might have made a mistake here and there and everywhere else, ok basically I made a lot of mistakes! And that wasn’t the worst of worst thing that can happen, the straw that finally broke this camel back was I work with people that don’t know one word of English, ok, maybe I exaggerated, they do know something, they know what no mean!

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