A Worn Path

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Arnold Palmer The story a Worn Path by Eudora Welty is a complex story that dictates the plight of an old woman that faces a handful of conflicts that she faces through her struggle to help her ailing grandson. The first conflict that I feel is the most apparent is the external conflict of Man Vs Nature. This conflict is apparent in the description of her travel to town through an old path in the woods. She follows this path and is met with a number of challenging obstacles. The path she walks along is long and tiring. The hills of the path are hard for Ms.Jackson as she likens walking up them to walking with "chains around my feet”. The thought of her grandson being cured of his sickness drives her to make it through obstacles. As she makes her way down the hill she faces a thorn bush that catches her dress, and at the bottom of this hill is a creek that she passes by balancing across a log. All of these obstacles in front of this women I feel have a meaning, they help not only to better shape Ms.Jacksons personality but it also helps display how determined she is on her mission. The most glaring obstacle to me is the barbed wire. For an old women to do all she has done through this path it illustrates the strong character she is. The author to me is trying to display how strong Woman are in society. An equally glaring conflict is that of Man Vs Society. This conflict is illustrated all throughout the story. In the descriptions of Ms.Jacksons possessions, her ragged clothes her busted shoes and her walking cane this is made from an old umbrella. Ms.Jacksons poverty struggles help create a major portion of the plot by helping
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