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Directions: Complete the “Atheistic Existentialism” column in the table below by filling in the cells from information provided in the textbook. Table 1 Assumption Naturalism Secular Humanism Atheistic Existentialism Eastern Pantheism New Age Christianity Reality In analyzing the nature of human existence This universe is a natural place, not a Supernatural place. There is no God. Matter is locked into cause and effect. The universe is a natural place there is no God or supernatural beings. They feel that everything in the universe is matter or some type of energy. Knowledge People seeking meaning in their existence. Decisions are dependent upon how we see reality. If man is a creature of passion, then truth is revealed in feelings. Feelings are the new standard of human truth. Believe that knowledge is acquired through human feelings and desire as well as what is experienced through the senses Human nature Denies that humans are anything special. We are fortunate enough to have evolved higher than any other creature, and we should take advantage of our situation. People of fee will. Self-consciousness on their own one exists as an individual being Human problems We make and solve our own problems. They have a very specific meaning which is the correspondence theory of truth. In part they belief that life is absurd, or at the least boring not coming to terms with being human and the human condition is the problem. Solutions to human problems Problems are our own and only humanity can solve them. Life is your inner desires make some value of it. Find value purpose for living give it reason. Absurdity is a part of live find value ways to deal with it. You make your bed sleep in it. Human value If life ends at the grave, then it makes no difference whether you have lived doing right or wrong. Since one’s destiny is ultimately

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