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Worldview Analysis

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  • on December 29, 2012
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Worldview Analysis

Worldview Analysis
Discuss the problem the author is addressing.
In the article “Any Ol’ Worldview Won’t Do,” author Chuck Colson is addressing the issue of the breakdown of morality in society.   Colson attempts to provide a sense of reasoning behind the moral breakdown by presenting statistical information on such issues as divorce, and the damaging effects that it can have on the affected parties such as the children of divorce.   Colson goes a step further to point out that it is not just a breakdown in beliefs, but somewhat of a “lost” worldview.   He points out that the Christian worldview has been “lost” over the years, thus resulting in a worldview that is impacted more by one’s surrounding environment rather than from the Scriptures.   While many Christians in today’s society are able to recite Bible verses, but do not look at the world from a biblical worldview, that is, we do not have the “broader framework connecting our spiritual beliefs to our overall vision of reality” (Colson, 1997).   Colson is trying to show others how our “worldviews shape both conscious and culture” (1997).   This article is an attempt to draw attention to the fact that Christians seem to be losing sight of the need to hold “every thought captive to the lordship of Christ,” and “develop a biblical outlook on life” (1997) in order to avoid the breakdown in morals that we are seeing in today’s society.
Identify the position that the author take concerning the problem.
Colson’s stance on the issue is that there is a moral breakdown in society and it is up to everyone to do their part to change this.   In this article, he is especially reaching out to the Christians, who seem to be losing sight of what their faith actually is and what it means to truly be a Christian.   He uses compelling arguments backed up by statistics to show that Christians, while having an understanding of God’s will, His teachings, and an understanding of what their responsibilities as...

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