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Sometimes, people get confused that worldview is a person’s perception of the world. However, worldview is a perspective coming from what a person views in his or her life and make value judgments about life. In other words, worldview is a person’s presupposition that is based on their lives and decision making. Worldview divides into three majors that are Naturalism, Pantheism, and Theism. Among them, only Theism demonstrates that God exists, and He was the creator of the world. A biblical worldview is a worldview based on the Bible and the Biblical Theism. In comparison with Naturalism, a biblical worldview demonstrates that God exists and all human beings are special creation designed by God to glorify Him and reflect His nature. The Biblical Theism seeks the sanctity of life. To understand a biblical worldview, people need to understand the Bible and the basis of a biblical worldview. God exists and He has revealed Himself to mankind. He also sent Jesus Christ as the redeemer of the world to forgive a person’s sins. To adapt these concepts to lives, people should read the Bible and try to follow the teachings of the Bible. Many Christians do not clearly understand a biblical worldview. They know what the term of a biblical worldview is, but they do not put their biblical worldview in their lives because they have understanding of life that is inconsistent. This must be changed to clearly understand a biblical worldview. The reason why all Christian need a worldview based upon the bible is that as they clearly understand the biblical worldview, it provides foundation for and gives substance to their faith. As they seek answers based on the Bible for why they are here and who sent them to the world, they will fully understand a biblical worldview and will focus on what God’s glory is. As I am a Christian, I believe a biblical worldview. However, I know

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