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Briefly describe the five world views covered and discuss how knowing each of these will enhance your performance at your workplace. A world view is a set of presuppositions or assumptions which are held (consciously or subconsciously) about the basic makeup of our world. A world view can also be said to provide a model of the world which guides its adherents in the world. Worldviews are so much a part of our lives that we see and hear them daily even though sometimes we do not recognise them. Worldviews help us to unify thought and life, define the good and the bad and guide thought and action. Even though world views differ widely, they have common components. All worldviews agree that something exists as all people experience the cause and effect. They also agree that all people have absolutes. All people seek an infinite reference point which can be God, state, power or themselves. Worldviews also agree to the fact that two contradictory statements cannot both be right. This is the primary law of logic that is continually denied. The fourth component is that all people exercise faith. All people presuppose certain things to be true without absolute proof and these are the inferences or assumptions upon which a belief is based. All world views try to address the religious, moral, epistemological and metaphysical aspects of life. However worldviews are in collision. Christian theism is one for the five major world views. It anchors on the belief that God exists. Its two foundations are biblical revelation and general revelation in conjunction with the five senses. Its position is that all things including history, science, logic and experience point to the existence of God. Humankind is the unique creation of God. People were created "in the image of God," which means that we are personal, eternal, spiritual, and biological. Reality is both material and

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