The WorldS View On America Essay

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The World’s View on America Americans has received sympathy nation wide after 9/11 attack. But this does not mean that other countries have changed their opinions about America. Especially the Europeans genuinely grieved after the 9/11 tragedy. But this did not stop them from changing their opinion about America. Europeans still think Americans are arrogant and know nothing. Mark Hertsgaard details other countries opinion about Americans and to support the opinions voice by other countries. He has clearly specified many, for instance where other countries dislike America. Mark also states the reason should be due to the consequence of the foreign policy especially it’s one sides approach to the Israeli Palestinians conflict. Foreigners think that America has the right to impose them on everyone else. President’s Bush’s first major speech provoked the foreigners. President Bush had quoted in this speech to the Americans “ether you are with us or you are the terrorists”. This attitude has irritated many foreigners and in fact this line occurred in the American newspaper as one of the least noticed paragraph, but in the foreign newspapers for instance the French daily, this was highlighted three times. Mark Hertsgaard also says that most of the Americans know little about the outside world and they are not aware about what the government is doing in the name of Americans overseas. Americans carelessly remind that Saddam Hussein is an evil man. But what happened in 1991, when America caused the deaths of at least 350,000 Iraqi children. This was also evil. Americans are really aware of how the government has acted enthusiasm for America. Mark Hertsgaard has clearly and reasonably specified how other nations think about America and how Americans have been so oblivious about American government

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