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Agreeing with this statement would amount to casting aspersions on the wisdom of parents, to which all teenagers looked up to. The teenagers knowledge maybe significantly more on a particular subject, but with respect to being worldly wise, they are far behind their parents. This is for parents have knowledge blended with years of experience. This makes them more worldly wise then the teenagers, who are on the threshold of life. Years of experiencing the many ups and downs of life make parents a better judge of human character and nature. They can therefore judge people more accurately and are not waved by superficial factors. On the other hand teenagers are swayed by superficial factors. On the other hand teenagers are swayed by superficial, irrelevant factors which may just be a facade and far away from reality. The information explosion in the print and electronic media, may give more information to teenagers. This however cannot make them more worldly wise then their parents. For their knowledge obtained from such sources are primarily confined to what they have seen, heard or read. The parents on the other hand can better use this knowledge, blending it with their personal experiences in life. it is because of this we find teenagers looking up to their parents for advice, in important decisions relating to their work or career. Moreover teenagers being young are more enthusiastic and optimistic by nature, This i for they have seen the brigliter side of life only, being protected from its harsh realities by their parents. They are therefore prone to taking decisions in a haste. Parents on the othe4r hand, being seasoned and cautious, make more rational decisions, for they take a balanced view of things they know the virtue of patience and tolerance, and are there fer in a better position to evaluate options more logically and practically, before arriving

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