World's Most Dangerous Gang

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World’s Most Dangerous Gang 1. Mara means Crew Salvatrucha is a slang name given to those who are from El Salvador. So it basically means Salvadorian Crew. Now it is a notorious street gang that was spread all though out the United States. 2. The founding members of MS 13 were children of immigrants fleeing then the war torn country of El Salvador. Where they ended up at first seemed to be the Promised Land but turned out be quite the opposite they would later find out as other established residents and local gangs looked at them as being scum and dirty. As if that weren't bad enough they would get beat up and sometimes worse stabbed. That's when they decided enough is enough and to fight back, and since they were brought up in the Salvadorian civil war as little kids they decided if these guys want violence well show them violence and they took gang warfare to next level by brutally stabbing and shooting opposing gangs. MS-13 got started in Los Angeles in the 1980s by Salvadorans fleeing a civil war. Many of the kids grew up surrounded by violence. Del Hendrix son of Barito Onda, a gang-outreach program, remembers an MS-13 member who recounted one of his earliest memories: guarding the family's crops at the age of 4, armed with a machete, alone at night. When he and others reached the mean streets of the L.A. ghetto, Mexican gangs preyed on them. The newcomers' response: to band together in a mara, or "posse," composed of salvatruchas, or "street-tough Salvadorans" (the "13" is a gang number associated with southern California). Over time, the gang's ranks grew, adding former paramilitaries with weapons training and a taste for atrocity. MS-13 eventually adopted a variety of rackets, from extortion to drug trafficking. When law enforcement cracked down and deported planeloads of members, the deportees quickly created MS-13 outposts in El Salvador

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