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World with Drugs Essay

  • Submitted by: yayajojo1
  • on May 21, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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A World With Drugs Is a World With Havoc
By Tatiana Morales
Whether in the form of pill, rock, liquid, or powder, drugs are everywhere.   Not only is its form numerous, so also, is the ability in which to encounter it. Whether obtained over-the-counter, by prescription, or illicitly, drugs present a real danger to both children and adults.   The question “What, if anything, should be done concerning the war on drugs?” should not even be asked.   Drug use has the potential to lead to drug abuse.   By legalizing drugs, one would be willingly welcoming a society of irresponsible people making irrational decisions, in turn, blaming their actions on the side effects of drugs.   Regardless of its form, drugs are powerful substances with the potential to cause danger and harm if used negligently.   Needless to say, legalizing drugs is an open invitation to create more havoc in our already troubled society.
Drugs do have beneficial properties when used responsibly, however, this isn’t always the case.   A main characteristic of a “drug” is that it alters ones judgment, self control, and thoughts.     Drug use alters the brains normal functions, and in doing so, as Walters states, “…it changes the way people perceive their lives and their personal situations…people are in prison not only because of drug trafficking, but because their lives are out of control as a result of the effects drugs have on their judgment and ability to control impulses.”   Drugs contain powerful ingredients that are capable of containing ones’ life and making them appear to be out of control. It is the effects drugs have on ones’ life that puts them out of control.   We already live in a society that struggles with people abusing drugs.   Legalizing drugs would only be opening more doors to allow more drug use and eventually more abuse.  
While many use drugs for temporary pain relief and others for occasional pleasure, its use can easily be transformed to self-destruction, as they are known to...

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