World War One Nationalism

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World War One Essay Describe and explain how a force or movement influenced a specific individual or group of people to try to improve the lives of their fellow country men and women. Describe and explain how successful these attempts were. Wilhelm the second was influenced by nationalism to try to make Germany a stronger nation. His idea of nationalism was based around his policy of Weltpolitik which was introduced when he became Kaiser in 1888. Weltpolitik meant making Germany a major world power and granting her ‘her place in the sun.’ Overall, this policy was comprehensively unsuccessful. It only lead to major tensions in Europe, rivalry between many nations and ultimately World War One where many young Germans were left killed and Germany was left financially ruined. Nationalism is simply where people have excessive pride in their country. In the Balkans for places like Serbia and Bosnia this meant having a level of autonomy and being able to govern their own people. In Germany the amount of pride they had in their country forced them to think that they were better than all the other countries. Wilhelm the second was an extreme nationalist. He believed that Germany was the best country in the world and so he wanted to force German beliefs, language and culture on to other nations. His idea of nationalism is tied into his policy of weltpolitik whereby he wanted to make Germany as strong as he possibly could. When Germany was formed in 1870, it caused tension between Germany and France because Germany took over the French territory of Alsace and Lorraine. Therefore the French wanted to take revenge on Germany. To make them unable to do this the Chancellor of Germany, Otto Von Bismarck, tried to isolate France by signing several treaties with other European nations. Bismarck signed a League of Three Emperors agreement with Austria-Hungary and Russia, followed
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