World War One Essay

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Page 1. Year 12 History Australia 1900-1945 Note The underlined words are some of the important knowledge that a student must have in order to know this topic. Understanding 2 The Australian nation has been shaped by its response to international events. The Impact of World War One on Australia: -the Home Front (2) Social Changes. Whilst the War was being fought overseas, a number of economic, social and political changes occurred within the Australian home front as the Australian population grappled with the changes required to successfully fight the War. The major social change wrought on the Australian home front included those associated with establishing the internal security of the nation through propaganda, censorship and the controlling of German immigrants and those of their allies who were living in Australia; the changing role of women and the social division of the nation caused by the Conscription Debates of 1916 and 1917. To enable the Commonwealth Government to ensure the internal security of the Australian home front the federal parliament passed the War Precautions Act in 1914. This Act allowed the Commonwealth Government to take such actions as it deemed necessary to ensure the safety of the home front for the duration of the War. This Act plus the War Crimes Act (1914) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (1914) gave the Commonwealth wide powers to search premises and inspect documents; control prices; deal with aliens (foreigners or immigrants to Australia who have not renounced the citizenship of the country of their birth and who have not taken out Australian citizenship. German, Italian, Austrian, Turkish and Hungarian people who had migrated to and lived in Australia were classified as aliens. Their children who had been born in Australia and considered Australia to be their home were also classified as aliens); take over

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