World War IiS Affect On Asian America

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Paras Ramani Ethnic Studies 005 Prof. Chang Sect. 23 Group Topic: World War II’s affect on Asian America Individual Report: Asian Indians and their experiences World War II had devastating effects on the world. There were good outcomes as well as bad outcomes, for many and for few. In a particular case, the Asian immigrants who came to America had their own experience in cooping with the war. For Asian Indians, World War II played a very important factor in America and in their home country of India. Asian Indians found themselves in a quandary when reaching America because they were white but not really. So they had the benefits but could not reap them. Asian Indians were put in a fluctuating situation due to the fact certain acts were passed to slow things down. “The "Barred Zone Act" of 1917 and the "Thind decision" of 1923 put Indian immigration to the USA into a deep freeze. There were few interactions between Indians and Americans.” (( Over the years, Indians because successful which helped Indian immigration along. As it began to pick up speed many organizations were created to speed things up not only for immigration but for citizenship as well. “In the 1930s a few extremely successful Indian professionals and businessmen re-started interactions between the Indians and Americans. Sirdar Jagjit Singh founded the India League of America in 1938. Mubarak Ali Khan founded the Indian Welfare League in 1937. Indians continued lobbying for granting citizenship rights for Indians.” ( When the war broke out, the President at the time, President Franklin Roosevelt volleyed for Indian Independence but Winston Churchill; the Prime Minister of Britain would not allow it. The president
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