World War Ii Overview

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Mike Thematic Essay Throughout World War II, there were many crucial events that changed the fate of the world as we know it, as well as the outcome of the war. These events had both positive and negative effects on certain peoples. Some were more devastating than others. Two major events during World War II that had major effects were Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union and the Holocaust. Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union had a major impact on both the outcome of World War II and on the world after World War II. In breaking the Nazi-Soviet Pact, Hitler lost a potential alliance with the Soviet Union. After the Soviets managed the push back the Germans out of the Soviet Union, it forced Germany into a two front war just like in World War I. Being attacked from both sides lead to Germany’s defeat in World War II a lot faster. Despite this, a devastating amount of Soviet soldiers and citizens died from the Battle of Stalingrad. Much of Stalingrad was destroyed as well. Nearly a million Soviets died from the Battle of Leningrad as well. The Allies did not help the Soviets very much either, so it caused the Soviet Union to resent the western nations after World War II and as a result became one of the reasons for the Cold War tensions after World War II. After the Battle of Stalingrad, Stalin asked the Allies to attack Normandy to force Germany to move their forces to the west, but instead of listening, the Allies attacked Axis-controlled North Africa and then Italy before attacking Normandy. This was another reason why the Soviet Union began to resent the West. Another important World War II event was the Holocaust. The Holocaust began after a Jewish youth from Germany shot a German diplomat living in Paris. Hitler then violently persecuted Jews, using the event as an excuse. The Holocaust began with Kristallnacht, when Nazi

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