World War Ii and American Contributions Essay

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The United States made several contributions both militarily and economically towards the Allied victories against Nazi Germany and Japan. American industrial and economic forces played an essential role as did American military forces. Economically the United States had control of steel, rubber, oil, and industry. America dominated the world market of food and minerals as well. With the continuation of the war America changed from the idea of neutrality to preparedness. The United States began to expand its armed forces by building defense plants and providing the allies with aid. To build the military the U.S. used draft laws. Factories in the United States converted from civilian to war production quickly. The United States tapped into labor of women as a resource. Women worked in shipyards and aircraft factories. They referred to trend with “Rosie the Riveter”. The United States also reached out to the consumers for their support. They rationed meat, butter, eggs, coffee and gas to help the war effort. The United States also froze prices, salaries and wages and applied special taxes to luxury items. The United States used industries to produce arms and equip the military. People produced food and supplies and bought war bonds. The United States was able to mobilize more men and arms and was able to out-produce the axis in weapons and machinery. The United States also had several scientific advancements and discoveries that helped advance the allies. There were also advances in radar, rocket launchers, jet engines, submarines, navigation and detection aids. Although militarily the United States entered the war later, it provided the forces needed to change the balance of power to the Allies. The American contribution in Western Europe was predominant. The amount of strategic air power was also a major factor as well as the navy. With control

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